The advantages and disadvantages of using a knee scooter

You may already be familiar with a knee scooter having used ne in rehabilitation. For the uninitiated a knee scooter is a four wheeled scooter with handles and very comfortable pads to rest the knee on when it is not possible to put weight on the knee. Knowing the advantages and drawbacks will help you to determine if a knee scooter will be suitable in the rehabilitation process. Here are the pros and cons of a knee scooter.


A knee scooter can impart a lot of health benefits. Because of the padded knee platform section additional comfort is provided when you are suffering from a knee problem like broken knee, strained knee or have undergone knee surgery. The knee scooter will allow you to move around while you are recuperating.

Having 4 big wheels on them they can be used both indoors and outdoors, you can use either your right knee or your left knee. Being interchangeable, the handles and knee rest can be adjusted to suit all levels of height. Hence regardless of stature the knee scooter can be used by anyone.

Crutches can be potentially dangerous because the chances of slipping are there. With crutches there can be armpit infections and strain in the upper body when maneuvering; with a knee scooter these problems do not exist. On top of that your hands will be free with a knee scooter.

A lot of upper body strength will not be required to use a knee scooter. On top of that the risk of slipping and falling on some polished surfaces is lessened with knee scooters. You will save on energy when using a knee scooter. A lot of knee scooters have a basket in the front where you can put things and remain hands free. Also with your knee scooter, you can elevate the knee; this helps in the elimination of fluid buildup in the lower extremities.

A knee scooter when not in use can be folded up and stored away for another time. This advantage makes it very desirable as a rehabilitation aid.


With a knee scooter you will not be as quick in moving around as you are with a pair of crutches; in addition you need to balance well. Also you cannot move up and down a flight of stairs when using a knee scooter. Knee scooters are more expensive than crutches.

Get in touch with your physical therapist today to find out if you can use a knee scooter. There are other orthotic equipment like knee walkers, manual wheelchairs, back brace Cypress and contracture equipment Cypress that will aid you in your rehabilitation.

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