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4 Tips to Choose Excellent Amazon Consultants


Millions of sellers strive to achieve the top place in the Amazon marketplace but with increased competition, most of the sellers are unable to get to the right spot. According to a survey, nearly 50% of the sales made online are made via the Amazon.... Read full article

Create an Innovative Website with a Leading Web Design Company in Egypt


Web presence has never been more important. These days, it is essential to widening your reach and enabling your target audience or prospective clients to find you easily. ... Read full article

The Best Proven Website Maintenance Tips You'll Have to Follow

by Paton Marketing on

They need constant maintenance and care to run smoothly. You'll have to protect and nurture your investment and have an excellent maintenance plan in place.... Read full article

Amazon Unveiling Private Label Video This Year – Get Ready To Boost Your Sales


Good news for Amazon sellers is that the uploading private label video facility will be available to them subsequently. Presently this feature in beta and is set to make the experience easier and more interesting for the Amazon dealers.... Read full article

Being Cautious - The Preventive Approach to Online Reputation

by Paton Marketing on

Here is where your online reputation comes into play. There's someone who probably found you online, and has seen your online activity, read your posts.... Read full article



Choosing a product from a sea of similar products can be a daunting task. However, buyers are most likely to choose a product which has the little black label on it and why not? Its Amazon’s choice after all. Being an Amazon’s choice gives the produc... Read full article

Top 5 Secrets to Creating an Award Winning Website

by Paton Marketing on

Top 5 Secrets to Creating an Award Winning Website... Read full article

Apply These Secrets To Flourishing Your Online Business in 2018


eBay certainly is one of the best online retail sites in the current scenario. The latest statistics reveal that any lead has more than 2% conversion rate but using eBay SEO Services are key to successful online retail trading and sales. eBay is the ... Read full article

The Day-to-Day Life of a Social Media Consultant

by Paton on

Social media is an ever-changing environment. Its fast, it's stressful and it's going 24/7, one year a year.... Read full article

Paid vs. Free Social Media – The Breakdown for 2018

by Paton Marketing on

So what's in store for Social Media in 2018? Where should you put your money?... Read full article