Resolve the Damage of Your Electrical Installation with the Help of an Effective Electrical Testing

Damaged electrical installations can cause all kinds of trouble and headache when left unresolved. According to statistics, electricity is one of the main causes of fire breakouts within properties, with over 20,000 fires on average in a year. Each year, over 1000 electricity-related accidents are also reported at work, while 1000 injuries happen in any given week. Electricity also kills at least one person every week—that is at least 52 deaths in a year. All of these can be avoided if electrical installations remain compliant with operational safety standards. 

Electrical installations can become damaged because of many factors. Defective and faulty electrical products are recipes for disaster, not only causing injuries, but also endangering properties due to the risk of fire and other damages. Regardless how frequently your electrical systems, installations, and equipment are used, regular inspections must be carried out in order to maintain their safety as well as their efficiency. This said, recommended frequencies of electrical installation testing are absolute. Yearly inspections, for instance, are recommended for public places such as hotels and restaurants, as well as churches. Of particular interest in these locations are fire alarms and emergency lighting systems. Industrial properties must be inspected at least every 3 years, while commercial properties should ideally be tested every 5 years. Domestic properties such as residential homes could do with an inspection once every decade. 

Insurance companies public bodies, mortgage lenders, and licensing authorities typically require periodic inspection of electrical installations. Compliance with electrical safety standards and ensuring the proper certification of electrical installations offer great many benefits. Not only does these actions promote safety, they also help make sure that buildings are legally compliant, protecting building owners from the threat of legal damages. Perhaps more importantly, proper inspection allows the resolution of potential threats of property damage due to defective installations, as well as other dangers to health like electrocution, shocks, etc. 

There are two major types of electrical condition reports that can be obtained with the help of a professional electric inspector. A visual condition report is often recommended for properties that have only been recently tested. It involves a visual inspection of installations and don’t require testing. Periodic inspections on the other hand, are more complete testing of property installations, allowing a thorough inspection of each electrical component to ensure their continued efficiency as well as to uncover hidden faults and damages that must be addressed. 

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I am James Livingstone the owner of Trade Facilities Services, we provide electrical certificates and electrical testing in London, Essex and Kent at reasonable and fair prices. The company is fully insured, and all electricians are qualified and are members of either NAPIT or the NICEIC. We believe in publishing the correct information for our consumers to ensure they get value for money.

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31 Jul 2018

By James Livingstone
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