Replacement Inks for Canon IPF Pro Series Printers

So far as photography is concern, the lifespan of memory has to be long-life, hence pigment ink is the best option for these type of applications. Basically, pigment inks use aqueous based as a carrier. The features of pigmented inks include excellent quality, more print performance, enhanced gamut etc.

As the competitions in the ink industry, everybody is trying to make their product more and more sophisticated, so one of the aspects is increased gamut size to increase the color tones. In this way, Canon has varied the gamut size and offers additional color like red, green, blue along with the regular color bands. By using this important features Canon Pro Series recognized as a reliable product and exceptionally great performance.

The variety of substrates can be printed on LFP like glossy-coated paper, vinyl sheets, canvas sheets etc. The substrate is fed in form of a roll or cut sheets into the printer. The ink is applied on the substrate as per the setting is given by user and media selection. Because of user-friendly menu options, large format printing has become a popular choice in the field of marketing and advertising, fashion designs etc. The cost of printing will be less for the mass production facility.

The other area to think is the print head performance for pigmented inks. Print-head is as good as the heart of inkjet printer. It contains thousands of nozzles and configured for 6 to 12 separate ink channels. There will be direct contact of ink with the print-head and clogging of a single channel is become a costly concern for the user.

Hence, very few ink manufacturer makes replacement canon plotter ink with the similar performance as that of OEM in printing. The important features of replacement inks are print-head life, run-ability, correct color gamut, the sharpness of a print image, tonal separations, drying speed and compatibility with various photo papers etc. You can have faith and proper awareness, discussion with ink suppliers, one can freeze the gap and understand the product very well. Hence you will get the answers to your worries about using replacement inks for your device.

The user must have to pay attention to total costing of inks, almost all LFP manufacturer offers less price for printers but more earnings would be from the ink. Most of the user keep tracks on a performance of inks and printers. They keep tracks on the duty cycle of a printer which provides the information that how much prints will you get within a month without any disturbances.

Perhaps, the increasing developments in OEM inks make a user happy, but on the other hand, it is equally important to save the money. The option is to have compatible inks with alike performance as that of OEM inks.  Once you find good quality inks one can set the ink by using the tools like RIP Software, custom profiling to enhance the results. The considerable determination is required to make such type of inks and providing the ink consistency in terms of performance.

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16 Jul 2018

By Gaurav Jinturkar
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