Reasons Why Electrical Certificate of Landlords is Important for the Safety of Renters

Electrical certificates must be provided by landlords in compliance with the law and to guarantee the safety of renters. These are the documents that can confirm the safety and suitability of the building’s electrical equipment and wirings. Renters needs to ask for these records before signing an agreement with any landlord.

Accidents and injuries caused by not checking electrical components are an all-time high. According to data research by Electrical Safety First for 2015 and 2016, a staggering 1380 injuries and deaths were caused by electrical fires in England alone. Overall, 15,432 cases were reported to be caused by electricity.

These findings indicate the electrical appliances and wires—if not checked and certified—may cause serious damage to property and people. Electrical inspections are critical for any rented home or commercial space.

It is important to ask for electrical certificates for the following reasons:

To know if electrical equipment or circuits are overloaded - With the help of an Electrical Installation Condition Report conducted by capable and experienced electricians, you can determine if there are overloaded circuits or appliances in the building. This inspection will protect the functionality of your equipment and the overall safety of the property. 

To determine any fire hazards - A hazard has the potential to cause injury and even fatalities, not to mention financial loss. If not addressed, these hazards may cause accidents not only in your building but also to structures around it. You should act upon these hazards and remove them to create a safe living and working space.

To determine points that need improvement – All buildings have original electrical plans when they were built. Wirings and circuits are laid into distinct sections of the structure. Certain specifications of the plan—like wire size and connections—determine the amount of load the system can supply. An inspection can determine changes that must be made to ensure compliance.

To identify defective electrical work - Certificates can also prove if a recent electrical installation is fully functional or defective. This ultimately allows the landlord to take steps to ensure that all electrical concerns are resolved.

As a landlord, your renter’s overall safety falls on your shoulders. Contact an electrical safety inspection company today to know what certificates and inspections you need to prove that your building is safe to rent out.

About the Author

I am James Livingstone the owner of Trade Facilities Services, we provide electrical certificates and electrical testing in London, Essex and Kent at reasonable and fair prices. The company is fully insured, and all electricians are qualified and are members of either NAPIT or the NICEIC. We believe in publishing the correct information for our consumers to ensure they get value for money.

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06 Jan 2019

By James Livingstone
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