Preparing Your Propane Grill for the Winter

For some people, home grilling season never comes to an end, but for those who don’t grill in the winter, preparing your equipment for hibernation must be done with great care in order to keep your home propane grill in tip top shape for the next season. Below are some useful tips for winterizing your grilling gear and storing your equipment for extended periods of non-use:

  • Putting a dirty grill away is a huge no-no. Remember the time you forgot to clean up after a barbecue? Things will be a hundred times worse if you store a dirty grill away for a long period. Food residue and grease will not only harden and become almost impossible to clean months later. They will also attract insects, mice, and pets as well as rust, effectively damaging your equipment. Burn off any residue by heating the grill up and follow up with a good wash of soapy warm water. This way, you’ll be storing away a clean home propane grill that will not attract rust and pest.
  • You may further prevent rusting by spraying cooking oil onto the metallic portions of your grill, this will limit corrosion and repel moisture. If the frame and chassis of the grill has visible paint chipping, consider sanding the areas down and applying anti-corrosion and heat resistant paint to prevent further damage. This will make your equipment all set and ready for the next grilling season.
  • Remove the burner from the grill and wrap it neat and tight inside a plastic bag. This creates a sealed environment that prevents insects and spiders from nesting inside.
  • Store home propane safely. Unlike other fuels, propane doesn’t require much winterizing. One of the main advantages of liquefied petroleum gas is that it has indefinite shelf life and requires no stabilizers for safe storage. All you need to do is disconnect the tank from the grill, ensure that the valve is closed tightly, and store the tank in an upright position, covered from the elements. Home propane is best stored outside to keep safe from leakage.

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13 Jul 2018

By Randy Thompson
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