Pick the Perfect Hermetically Sealed Connectors

Hermetic seals are important for protecting your system against a harsh environment. When you choose the right connector, you can rest assured that your equipment is going to be stable and able to keep out moisture, air and other contaminants. Just make sure to peruse the hermetic seal manufacturers with a good reputation for quality products. 

Choose Your Shell Size and Shape 

The first step is getting the right shape and the two primary ones include rectangular and circular. The size is determined by the diameter and this starts at 0.25 inches and goes up to 3.0 inches. 

Consider the Shell Material 

The material is important. There are different options, such as aluminum, stainless steel and titanium. You should consider your environment to make the right choice.

Pick Your Pin Configuration 

You have to choose the pin orientation and amount. Like the shell, there are different materials to choose from, such as stainless steel and molybdenum. 

Select Your Protective Finish 

This is the last choice you have to make. The finish you choose plays a role in how the equipment looks and how well it is protected against corrosion. 

You can see that the right connectors are critical. These hermetic seals ensure that your equipment is not prematurely damaged or degraded in a severe environment.


About Complete Hermetics

A manufacturer of glass-to-metal, ceramic-to-metal, hermetic seals and feedthroughs

Complete Hermetics is a custom manufacturer of glass-to-metal, ceramic-to-metal, hermetic seals and feedthroughs. Our team has a wide range of knowledge to design and develop the hermetic connectors, hermetic packages, hermetic headers, vacuum viewports, hermetic seals and hermetic feedthroughs to fit your specifications.

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27 Jul 2017

By Blake Allen
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