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A modern Navajo-Hopi jeweler, Philander Begay’s work has gone a long way since his very first bracelet piece, which he sold for a friendly $65 to Raymond and Colina Yazzie of Yazzie’s Indian Art. Nowadays, his pieces are valued so much more, owing to his exceptional vision and unique technique in the use of tufa casting stone. Known for his one-shot tufa stone-cast pieces, Philander works with silver and gold and embellishes his pieces with only the highest-class turquoise and precious stones. His creative process is as simple as walking around in a normal day until an idea comes to his mind. He can imagine how pieces will look like inside his head. He can sometimes even have a piece of tufa in his hand and carve it directly as he thinks up a design.

According to Philander, his influences come from well-established jewelry designers like Preston Monongye, Charles Loloma, and Jesse Monongya. Even though he is, by blood a Navajo, he was raised Hopi, owing to his family’s strong ties with the tribe. His designs are also reflective of his strong connections with the Hopi, as evidenced by Pueblo scenes on most of his pieces. It was Philander’s brother, Darryl Begay who taught him the ins and outs of tufa casting and silversmithing. He also cites Darryl as a huge influence in his work, along with his uncle, Bobby Begay (who taught Darryl, and who was a student of Timmy Begay—who was himself taught by the renowned Kenneth Begay). This only goes to show that Philander comes from a long line of highly esteemed jewelry-makers who truly know their craft and take it by heart.

Even though Philander Begay only started making jewelry fairly recently, he has become widely known for his signature designs. He loves making big, stand-out, and unique pieces using tufa cast work. He has become a true expert on tufa casting, crafting his designs only on the highest-grade stones to ensure the quality of his pieces. Apart from Hopi traditions and Pueblo scenes, Philander also showcases a lot of Kachina Dances in his work.

Now a well-recognized maker of tufa-cast pieces, Philander showcases his work at many renowned markets, gracing the most prestigious trade events like the Santa Fe Indian Market, among many others. He has won a great deal of accolades, from being the Artist Choice Peer Award for Exceptional, Innovative Work in Any Media in 2007 to receiving the Best of Division Award at the 2010 Heard Indian Market.

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21 Jun 2018

By Josh Chaney
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