Monkey see, monkey do…

Ever find yourself uttering a bad word and then retreating into a shameful cocoon as you hear your child repeat the same word in front of an audience?

You know what they say: monkey see, monkey do….

And our kids don’t just repeat our words; they repeat our actions as well.

As if parenting wasn’t difficult enough.

If only there was a parental monitoring app for us, right?

There can be!

Social Graces, available in the iOS app store, is a family chore app designed to help you set up a contract with your children that lays out their daily expectations for chores and behavior.  Once you’ve created a contract, they sign it, signifying that they agree to comply to the contract, and then you assign daily points if they do.

By using Social Graces, the best parenting app your kids will actually be motivated to complete their chores.  After setting up a contract, they will also create a wishlist. Once they’ve earned enough daily points, they’ll receive an item from their wishlist (which you can connect to Amazon through the app). The ability to watch their points increase towards a goal that they’re excited about will motivate them to finish their chores.  And even better- you won’t have to nag them!

Now how is this a parental monitoring app?

Well, there’s no reason you can’t make a profile for yourself, right?

In fact, I bet that your kids will have way more fun with it if everyone is involved.

Use the app for yourself, just as you would with your kids, and they’ll follow your example.  Monkey see monkey do, right? You can even go a step further and allow them to add and subtract points for your “chores” or tracked habits.  Social Graces is a family chore app, emphasis on the family, and your participation will not only be fun for your kids but heck, but help you achieve your goals as well!

Why not put the best parenting app, to work for you too?!

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12 Jul 2018

By Amie Schneider
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