How Will Machine Learning Change Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing has made the things solid for marketers. Machine learning assures to redefine digital marketing, from redefining simple marketing tasks to tasks that need super solid efforts.

Some people get confused that artificial intelligence and machine learning are same, but in reality they are. Artificial intelligence is about developing the intellectual capabilities to equal or surpass human intellect, while machine learning is more about optimizing certain problem-solving processes. But artificial intelligence is nothing without machine learning.

Machine learning can build machines and enable them to work on their own. In fact, machine learning has already been in use for several years and marketers are gradually building some more digital strategies around machine learning available today. The impact of these strategy has been wonderful, but it is nothing compared to what’s on the current situation.                                                                                                                           

How machine learning changing digital marketing landscape?

Some brands are using machine learning to drive insights, for example, leveraging the same insights to build more productive email marketing strategy. Machine learning algorithms analyze consumer behaviour to determine when email should be pushed to build engagement and make conversions.

Machine learning helps derive behavioural and contextual data. Just gathering random data doesn’t bring any value. Marketers should be able to use that data into context and drive insights from the information. Data analytics tools help derive insights, processing data at an enormous volume to leverage that information for valuable insights.

Data analytics can process even a huge set of data. Machine learning has the capacity to handle the workload, and it allows retailer to drive incredible consumer insights.

What is the next step?

Machine learning techniques are used in marketing campaigns all over the world, but the full potential of application of machine learning technology is yet to be derived. Some publications believe that machine learning will make heavy changes in storytelling strategies online, with data-driven storytelling forming a major part of analytics applications.

Machine learning is able to dictate the subject matter of content, the right pitch, the tone, and other critical aspects. Machine learning components can be built as an interactive content. Creating a personalized content is much easier with machine learning.

Machine learning can test a large number of paths that consumer may take through content, going through multiple channels in the process. It is also important to make sure that each step is synced with one another. For the same process, human users would take much time and make mistakes as well.

The main goal of using machine learning technology is to create better content, content that is more effective and more relative to the company’s goal.


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20 Jul 2018

By Andrea Maria
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