How Can You Create an Effective Video Content Strategy?

Video content has been the buzzword in digital marketing in recent years. And for good reason… Video is the most important type of content by far. It is estimated that, by 2021, over 82 percent of online traffic will come for video content. This is staggering, considering that just a few years ago video content was limited to large websites and was virtually unheard of on smaller platforms.

Video is also incredibly effective from a marketing standpoint. People watch videos before they make a purchase decision. Video reviews, testimonials, ads, workshops, live demonstrations are all fantastic ways to get your product known. Videos also convert far better than any other type of content. Statistics show that 73 percent of consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video review, and 71 percent say that they have a positive impression of the brand if they seen it on video. And there’s more… Video is amazingly effective in creating a long-lasting relationship with your audience. It helps you connect with your clients, it increases engagement and establishes you as an authority in the industry.

Video is obviously critically important, but how can you have an effective video strategy for your business? Let’s go over the most important aspects:

1. Doing the research

Before creating any type of video for your business, you should see what type of videos are created by others. How do they look like? What are they about? Do they successfully engage with their customers? Try to answer all these questions before creating your own content.

What may work for a company, may not work for yours. Also, pay attention to what they are doing wrong, and try to avoid making the same mistakes. Establish a purpose for the video -  do you want to entertain, educate, inspire or just increase your sales with the new video? Try to offer a mix, where you both entertain and educate, but also sell – these videos work best and people will appreciate them more.

2. Listening to your audience

Your audience may want to be a part of your videos or may want to offer their personal perspective on your products or services. You can also include user-generated video content in your videos to better showcase your company. This also shows that your company is trustworthy, reliable and you can interact with your users in a friendly, but professional way.

3. Video can be so much more

Video is a hugely diverse and creative environment and you should take advantage of this aspect. Some videos may include multiple actors and extensive sets, but others may just be video interviews with your staff. Similarly, videos can be anything from conferences and workshops, to tours, webinars and so on. Animations are amazing because they provide a different approach to your products and services, and customers may see them as more welcoming, friendly and comfortable. Trying out multiple types of video content will tell you a lot about what your viewers want and like, and ultimately will help you increase sales.

4. Get to the point

Yes, videos are entertaining and people love to watch them. However, don’t rely on long videos to attract your audience, as you will only bore them. Be as succinct as possible and get to the point. This will also help you a lot when it comes to costs. Videos are quite expensive to make, particularly if you hire a professional team, so keeping it short will keep your costs down.

5. Promote, promote and promote again

So, you just created your new video ad and you hope it goes viral. Unfortunately, going viral doesn’t just happen overnight. It requires a lot of promotion on multiple channels and platforms. As soon as your video is ready, you should immediately start promoting it on social media, forums, niche websites, blogs and, obviously, on your website. You should also optimize your video for YouTube and make it easily searchable on the platform. You can also promote it on paid platforms.

6. Repurpose it if appropriate

A good video should be reused, if possible, whenever you get the chance. For instance, if you just created a video featuring a conference on an important subject, reuse the information in a sales letter, article or study. Include excerpts from the video or quotes. What’s more, you can further expand the video with other episodes, more in-depth studies and other types of media.

7. Never sacrifice quality over quantity

No matter what your budget is, you should never sacrifice the quality of your video content. If you do this, people will immediately see this in your videos (poor image, poor script and so on). Creating bad videos is worse than creating no videos at all. Your production quality says a lot about your company and how you approach new opportunities. Always make sure you only post and share the best video content you can make.

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08 Aug 2018

By Paton Markeitng
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