Here Is How to Make Your Grown-Up Birthday Count Every Year

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Birthdays are not merely special occasions. They are a milestone. When you remember coming into this world and acknowledge how far you have come, then your birthday will be worth meaningful celebration. It is more than just a birth anniversary. It is a look through the hourglass and an appreciation that there will be no more sand addition. It is a good time to consider your future and make important decisions and resolutions that will point you in the right direction. 

And when you realize how important this is to you, you will appreciate others who are celebrating their birthdays. Jeanne Calment lived well beyond 100 years thanks to her decision to take up fencing sport and continue riding her bike. Apart from this, she lived on chocolate, sweets and cigarette. No doubt, her favorite chocolate bar would have made an excellent birthday present.

Speaking of birthdays, these special occasions shouldn't just be left to our childhood. It is quite usual that as years go by and we grew older and the responsibilities of life replace birthdays. Grown-up birthdays may be some of the hardest to celebrate. Getting a theme, deciding what to do with the day or even getting to pick a relevant gift for the birthian is not an easy task. People tend to get picky as they grow older and this is just part of life.

However, we can still enjoy grown-up birthdays amidst our busy schedules. After all there is only one birthday and a whopping 364 unbirtdays in a year. Here are 5 valuable tips to keep your special day lit year by year.

Gift Giving Is Best Kept Simple

A birthday celebration is synonym to gift-giving. When asking for gifts, keep it simple. You don’t want people's attention to be diverted from the real occasion. Getting the right gift is not duck soup. Don’t make it any harder.

Do Something Out Of The Ordinary

If you are still feeling youthful, take some time off and engage in high-adrenaline adventures. These will sure start off your year with some brio. Otherwise, think of some out-of-the-box ideas like visiting breathtaking scenery around your area. If you are the philanthropic type, plan a hang-out with kids in the nearby children's home. All in all make the day count.

Change Your Environment

A change of environment is good enough for you on the first day of your next year. Get an itinerary, pack your bags and get going. You will discover that a lifetime is not enough to visit all places in your continent alone.

Party Party Party

Be it a pool, dress-up, spa, friends, cocktail, barbeque or themed party, a birthday is just the best time to have one of these. Parties and food go together, don’t forget your favorite edibles and a happy birthday chocolate treat for your dessert.

Memories are made of these

Surprise party, surprise gifts, name it. There are just those things that make a birthday unforgettable. Browse for unique birthday gift ideas that will make you or someone else feel elated on their birthday.

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24 Aug 2018

By June
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