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Look for Designer Native American Jewelry by Sunshine Reeves

by Turquoise Direct on

Daniel Reeves—more popularly known as ‘Sunshine Reeves’—is a well-known, talented, and award-winning Navajo artist and silversmith. ... Read full article

Amazing Native American Jewelry Designs by Julian Lovato

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There may be many talented Native American jewelry designers and makers, but only a few names stand out because of the uniqueness of their creations. ... Read full article

Designer Thomas Curtis & His Unique Native American Jewelry

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There is something about Native American jewelry that makes it enticing to behold and exciting to wear. ... Read full article

Kirk Smith Jewelry: The New ‘In’ Thing

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Kirk Smith consistently produced high-quality jewelry using only the best materials and stones, and his talent and workmanship earned him the recognition of being among the best Navajo silversmiths. ... Read full article

Induce A Majestic Logo Design That Will Uplift Your Social Media Presence

by Nidhi Dave on

Induce A Majestic Logo Design That Will Uplift Your Social Media Presence... Read full article

What is Microblading and What are the Classes Like?

by irina chen on

If you are in the beauty industry, I’m sure you have heard about eyebrow microblading by now. ... Read full article

Finding the Right Therapy in Hermosa Beach


Finding the right therapy in Hermosa Beach doesn’t have to be difficult. When you understand what you’re looking for, you can narrow down the options and make sure you get the help that can provide the tools to live your best life. ... Read full article

Looking for Microblading Supplies? Quality Products Can Make You Successful

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Eyebrows microblading is taking the beauty industry by storm. This exciting method of eyebrow enhancement is spurring women all over the world to have the procedure performed on their eyebrows. ... Read full article

BPO Consulting from the Philippines can Boost Your Business

by Zack Williamson on

BPO outsourcing companies in the Philippines enable businesses around the world to improve their customer satisfaction rating and gain that competitive edge over their competition. ... Read full article

Microblading Academy

by irina chen on

Looking for a career that combines your artistic nature and a desire to work in the beauty industry? If this sounds like you why not consider Microblading? With cutting-edge techniques and widespread praise throughout the beauty industry... Read full article