Ensure Safety of Your Tenant with Consistent Electrical Certificate for Landlord

Landlords have a long list of responsibilities and obligations when it comes to the safety of their rental property. Electrical safety obligations are crucial as they put tenants at risk of all kinds of accidents and electricity-related fire. The lack of electrical certificate for landlord also exposes property owners and managers to substantial financial risks due to invalidated insurance and fines. Your tenants’ safety and your legal obligations are major reasons why you should take electrical certifications seriously and ensure regular updating of your property’s safety requirements. 

By law, landlords are required to make sure that electrical installations in any rented property are completely safe as tenants move in and are properly maintained throughout their tenancy. An HMO or house in multiple occupations must be periodically inspected every five years. Even when a property isn’t for multiple occupancies, it is highly recommended that periodic inspection should be carried out fairly regularly to ensure electrical safety. An electrical certificate for Landlord can only be awarded to a property if all standards are met and regular safety checks must be carried out to ensure all electrical installations, appliances, and underlying systems are working and safe.

Contracting the services of professional electricians is important to ensure the legitimacy of your electrical certificate for Landlord. This is because only a qualified professional can issue proper certifications and ensure a thorough inspection of all required components of your electrical system. Licensed electricians will know all about your electrical safety obligations, helping you maintain and ensure high levels of safety on your rental property. Regular inspections help pinpoint potential dangers that could stem from your electrical installations. These inspections help detect damages and safety risks while enabling property owners and managers to take proper actions when repairs or replacements are in order. Fire safety follows proper electrical inspections and help landlords prevent costly consequences that often stem from electrical installations and systems that are not properly maintained. By hiring professional electricians, you avoid potential problems and ensure compliance with all safety regulations that the law dictates, providing you with protection from legal and financial obligations.

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I am James Livingstone the owner of Trade Facilities Services, we provide electrical certificates and electrical testing in London, Essex and Kent at reasonable and fair prices. The company is fully insured, and all electricians are qualified and are members of either NAPIT or the NICEIC. We believe in publishing the correct information for our consumers to ensure they get value for money.

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30 Aug 2018

By James Livingstone
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