Customize Your Jewelry Collection with Kirk Smith Jewelry

There are many talented Native American artists and each of them has a unique way of doing their craft, especially when it comes to jewelry. One of the well-known Native American jewelers of all time is Kirk Smith, a Navajo from the Dine tribe. From age seven, he already had exposure to crafting with primitive tools and silver when he helped his grandfather, John Smith, in a small workshop. He learned sand-casting from his family, too, and since the 1980s, he has been a full-time silversmith. His years of experience prove his capability as a talented artist who specializes in traditional Navajo jewelry.

Every Kirk Smith jewelry can be an excellent addition to your jewelry collection. The artist specialized in making traditional designs set with the highest-quality authentic stones. Some of his most remarkable pieces feature high grade Turquoise Mountain Spiderweb gems adorning intricately stamped bracelets. Kirk Smith carefully made every jewelry by hand, adding the unique kind of touch to each item. The value of Kirk Smith jewelry has increased since his untimely demise at age 55 in September 2012 due to an automobile accident. All the more reason to invest in his creations or keep them, in case you already have them.

One of the bracelets his made features a deep crescent-shaped stamp work, which served as the center focus of the band with elegant detail and reposse designs running toward the terminals on both sides. Kirk Smith uses high-quality materials, such as heavy gauge sterling silver, to give his creations an additional appeal that never fails to draw attention of discerning collectors. Another intricate piece of his features fine and intricate bezel work encircling the cabochon, which bears an eye-catching sky blue Turquoise Mountain stone. The piece has hand-twisted wire and four crescent-shaped deep stamps, with sterling silver leaf layers that look almost real, and accented with tiny sterling silver drops, with a floral center.

Be sure to buy your Kirk Smith jewelry from a retailer that works directly with Native Americans jewelers of the Southwest and the miners of Arizona and Nevada. Some of the best ones have been in the industry for nearly five decades, selling mainly to collectors of fine quality Navajo, Santo Domingo, and Hopi jewelry.

About the Company:

Turquoise Direct is one of the most prominent sellers of authentic handmade turquoise jewelry, designed by award winning Native American artists, including Julian Lovato, Harry H. Begay, Arland Ben, Aaron Anderson, Al Joe, Thomas Jim, Tommy Jackson, Calvin Martinez and many others who place only the finest natural American turquoise in beautiful contemporary and traditional silver and gold jewelry.  With an amazing selection of collectible Native American jewelry from bracelets to earrings, necklaces, and rings to buckles and bolos by some of the most collectible and highly esteemed Native American artists in the Southwest, Turquoise Direct is the place to go for the finest online experience on the web.

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21 Jun 2018

By Josh Chaney
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