Cooking Differences When Using Propane Gas

When comparing LP gas prices with the cost of other fuels for cooking, you will find that propane can be a better choice whether for your home or your business. Also known as ‘LP-gas’ or ‘liquefied petroleum gas’, propane is created out of natural gas processing and crude oil refinement, both of which can affect the prices of the fuel. However, unlike natural gas, LPG is a high-output, concentrated clean-burning fuel that can be stored in refillable tanks making it more efficient for high-volume operations, especially in restaurants.

Cooking with propane can be faster and better, as the fuel allows you to produce consistent and even heat. Electric stoves typically have a hard time heating a cooking vessel evenly, resulting in unevenly cooked food. When you compare LP gas prices with the cost of electricity, you will find that they are more reasonable in the long run. Just be sure to work with a reputable supplier of propane in your area, so you can have a cost-effective payment plan that makes sense for your LPG needs.

Propane has higher BTU compared to natural gas, so it heats faster. The elements light up quicker, and when you switch off the cooking range, the flame immediately goes out, which means that it can cool faster. This way, there is less ambient heat produced during and after cooking. LPG cooking appliances with a high BTU rating consume only minimal fuel, unlike cooking ranges and appliances that run on natural gas. However, you still need to consider the type of equipment you are using. Be sure to pick high-quality cooking stoves that are proven efficient and effective, and designed to work with LPG. Some propane companies can help you convert existing gas pipes and equipment to make them run on propane, so get in touch with them if you are considering that option.

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16 Jul 2018

By Randy Thompson
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