Conducting an Internal Audit: What the Businesses Need to Know

When an internal audit is conducted, the auditors are seated in the conference room with boxes of files, stacks of binders and open laptops. The entire task is undertaken by the top audit firms in Delhi that may continue for days, week or even for a month.

But do what exactly goes on during an audit, and why is it that a company’s internal audit is deemed so important? To know the ins and outs of the auditing methods, we first need to look at the auditing and taxation service in India and its credence in the field. Next thing to be noted is how efficiently they help their clients in their operations. All of this can be simplified in the below-mentioned steps that go in the execution of successful auditing in a financial year.

Gettings to know the client


It’s imperative for top audit firms in Delhi to learn about your business before they arrive on the premises. Every audit is conducted in accordance with the client’s operations, so they need to understand how your company works and the areas that the business’s leader wants the internal auditing consulting services to focus on. By getting to know the client in advance of the audit, the auditor also learns about the company’s history, including any previous problems with inaccurate data or poor recordkeeping.

Two types of audits

At the time of analyzing the internal controls of a company, auditors have to evaluate everything on two verticals – preventive and detective. The preventive analysis aims to discover and bring down the level of flaws in the system that could lead to inaccurate recordkeeping, incomplete data, or potential opportunities for fraud should sensitive information fall into the wrong hands. Detective analysis, on the other hand, weeds out bad data, inaccuracies, and fraud in progress.

Checks and balances

Because top audit firms in Delhi work in teams, each member of the team is assigned to a specific part of the audit. Therefore, intercommunication within the team comes out as the crucial factor in such auditing tasks. An auditor or rather the internal auditing consulting services at large is responsible for gathering data, providing status updates to key executives of the client and verifying mistake or inconsistencies that are uncovered, to help ensure that the mistake wasn’t the fault of another auditor. 

Ongoing training

Auditing standards are dynamic and change is perhaps the only constant. Hence it calls for regular updates in regards to the knowledge about new auditing standards and guidelines, as issued by the government and the higher authorities that supervise the internal auditing consulting services. Before choosing an auditing and taxation services in india, you must ask about their experience in the field and continuing education so it can be ensured that you are getting the best auditor for your company’s needs. 

A day in the life of an auditor can be complex, but that doesn’t mean the process in your business cannot be made comprehensive. As such, the businesses must also be more observant when it comes to picking the top audit firms in Delhi.

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16 Apr 2018

By Rohit Kumar
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