Complete and Professional B2B E-Commerce Solutions

The benefits of B2B e-commerce solutions are numerous, enabling business to business transactions to seamlessly transpire via an electronic, 24/7 platform. These e-commerce B2B platforms and portals allow for convenient advertising and trading of services and inventory between businesses within similar industries and niches, allowing for increased efficiencies, business reach, sales, transparency, and better overall customer and supplier management. Not only are B2B e-commerce solutions good for business, they are also a more environment-friendly option in that they allow for less paperwork and physical marketing collateral, and provide instantaneous communication between businesses, eliminating the need for traveling sales agents, thereby minimizing an organization’s overall carbon footprint. If you are contemplating a switch to B2B e-commerce, below are even more reasons why you should make the move:

  • B2B e-commerce solutions can help you stretch your reach in terms of potential clients and partners who know and recognize your brand, products, and services. An e-commerce portal can make your business more ubiquitous and visible through various web locations, from search engines to social media networks, online business directories, and so on, allowing more opportunities for people to stumble upon your business. This kind of exposure translates to more business opportunities and, in turn, better chances to increase your conversions and business interactions.
  • B2B e-commerce solutions will help you grow your bottom line. As a result of increased business interactions, you will also have better opportunities to make your bottom line grow by using business intelligence gathered from these engagements to pursue upsells or suggest products and services based on your clients’ sales and search histories. All these can help you increase profitability while streamlining operational efficiencies.
  • B2B e-commerce solutions simplify business interactions by ensuring more efficient, reliable, and seamless ordering processes—one that’s integrated with your ERP system so there will be only negligible time delays between your ordering and dispatch processing. This also allows for more accurate order fulfillment as you create an all-encompassing system that integrates every aspect of your operation from warehouse to sales floor to website or from supplier to supplier, however your business set-up looks like.

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Knack Systems is a Premium Gold Partner of SAP with a focus around Customer Management, which includes Cloud Solutions, Hybrid Solutions, E-commerce, and Analytics. Knack Systems provides end-to-end services in SAP transformation programs, including solution roadmaps, implementations, integration services, rollouts, support, upgrades, testing, and package evaluations.

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04 Dec 2018

By Knack Systems
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