Articles in Ceramic-to-Metal Seals and Feedthroughs

The Magic of Hermetic Feedthroughs


Perhaps you have looked at computer parts and wondered how they could stay free from moisture and corrosion. It is all due to hermetic feedthroughs and seals. ... Read full article

How to Choose the Right Hermetic Seals


Hermetic seals are widely used in many industries including aerospace, defense, nuclear, geophysical, medial and oil and gas exploration because they can stand up to the pressures and protect from corrosion and contamination.... Read full article

Which Is the Best Hermetic Seal: Glass or Ceramic?


A glass to metal seal is inexpensive and durable, and a ceramic seal is resistant to shock. Choose the right seal for your demands. ... Read full article

Hermetic Seals


Hermetic seals are important and can be used in many applications and industries.... Read full article