Buyer’s Guide to 110 - 220 Voltage Transformers

The voltage transformer will make it easier to power your electronic devices, tools, and appliances overseas. Just be sure to get a 110 to 220 voltage transformer, which will make your 110-volt electronics work on electrical sockets running on 220 volts. Without it, you risk damaging your device or it will not work at all. Converting will also ensure safety while you use your appliances. Refer to this guide on choosing and purchasing 110 to 220 voltage converters:

  • Take note of the devices that will need the transformer – Your choice in voltage transformers will depend on the wattage of your devices. A converter with a watt rating that is higher than your devices will not affect them, but if it is not high enough, it will not function.

  • Get a step-up converter – You are using 110-volt appliances in a region that uses 220 voltage in its electrical sockets, then you will need to step up and a voltage transformer that can do it for you. US appliances typically run on 110 volts, so they need a voltage transformer to become useful with 220-volt sockets.
  • Or get a step up and step-down converter – If you find yourself moving between 110 volt and 220-volt regions more frequently, you may want to consider a dual-purpose voltage transformer that can step up and step down. This can be useful if you have purchased 220-volt appliances and you want to be able to use them in the US, too.

  • Get a transformer with two to three times the wattage of your electronic devices – Some electronic appliances and devices, such as televisions, laser printers, power tools, and motors, generate a surge of power every time they are switched on, resulting in extra wattage. A 110 to 220 voltage transformer that can compensate for that additional wattage will make sure that your equipment can still work properly. This helps prevent damage to the converter, too.

  • Buy from a respectable retailer – Buy a 110 to 220 voltage transformers only from established and reputable sellers of 220-volt appliances online. Be sure to go over their selection of products to compare them and the prices.

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12 Nov 2018

By Samstores
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