Bitcoin Mixing Service – Complete Information about Bitcoin Mixing

Bitcoin mixing or tumbling is the use of a third-party service in order to break the connection between Bitcoin sending and receiving addresses, effectively maintaining the privacy or anonymity of transactions. This is done in order to make it difficult for observers or other users to detect the comings and goings of Bitcoins. Block chains keep a public ledger or record of every transaction made within the network. Bitcoin mixing prevents the discovery or potential linkage of transactions to a particular user. 

Anonymous Bitcoin Mixing Service is becoming a necessity especially for those who want to keep their anonymity as they use cryptocurrencies. This is especially true now that new tools are being built to enhance the ability of different public and private corporations as well as government agencies to track coins through block chains and follow those who use them. To prevent from being exposed to such threats, breaking connection between your Bitcoin addresses and your coins’ destination is a good precaution to take. 

Why do you need to further obscure your identity as a Bitcoin user when cryptocurrency transactions are by design, not necessarily linked to your identity? This is because while Bitcoin purchases and transactions can be made anonymously or using public addresses (alphanumeric strings) that are in no way related to your identity, these addresses are publicly recorded on your block chain. This gives observers or other parties the ability to still track down your identity using IPs and public-address information even when your physical name, email, or physical address can be found nowhere in a particular transaction. At times, a Bitcoin user may also declare his or her name along with the public address used. A user’s identity may also be traced when a private WiFi connection is used to make the transaction. There are many other ways that an eager observer can track down Bitcoin activities digitally, but hiding your identity is possible through different strategies such as Bitcoin mixing, which helps you use cryptocurrency anonymously and keep your activities private and away from prying eyes. 

About the Author:

Ghost Mixer aims to provide bitcoin mixing service to their customers to mix their coins and attain anonymity in the process. Due to their immediate process transactions, you don’t need to worry about timely delivery of the coin. Through their bitcoin mixing service, you’ll be able to get your privacy back and block the praying eyes from the online transactions.

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30 Aug 2018

By Dorin Lacusta
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