Bitcoin Mixer – Understand the Benefits of Using Bitcoin Mixer

Bitcoin mixing is a widely discussed topic in Bitcoin trading circles. Mixing is the process of exchanging an individual’s Bitcoin balance for a similar amount from a different source, effectively obscuring the origins of the coins and making your digital trail a lot harder to trace and follow. A Bitcoin mixer is typically a service that keeps a large reserve of coins to mix. For a small fee cut of 1-3% of the total coin amount that you want to mix, a Bitcoin mixer service like Ghost Mixer will combine your coins with their substantial coin reserve, making it virtually impossible to trace the source of the funds or track down your identity. 

Everyone should be concerned about the privacy and anonymity of their Bitcoin funds and transactions. In order to obtain and maintain the greatest level of anonymity when it comes to your Bitcoin transactions, it is the best to use a Bitcoin mixer every time you send or receive coins to/from a new source. When purchasing coins with cash, for instance, it is wise to mix them first before deciding to spend them anywhere. This obscures any connection between your purchased coins and the transactions you will be making. Using a mixing service is also advisable before selling your coins so that buyers cannot trace where your funds came from, this protects your privacy and your fund’s anonymity. 

There are many more ways that Bitcoin mixing can be useful, especially to the individuals who want to keep their transactions anonymous online. What are some other benefits of using a Bitcoin mixer? Below are even more reasons you should consider Bitcoin mixing as a part of your Bitcoin trading strategy: 

  • Bitcoin mixing shields you from analysis and monitoring by observers or any interested third party.
  • Not only you will be able to protect yourself from scrutiny, you will also avoid unnecessary intrusion and violation of your privacy, hence keeping you from becoming a target of cybercrimes. Obscuring your identity keeps hackers from tracking you and your Bitcoin reserve down.
  • A Bitcoin mixer is useful in covering your tracks by making your transactions virtually impossible to follow. This protects you against nosey parkers, cybercriminals, and any other interested party wishing to track you down.

About the Author:

Ghost Mixer aims to provide bitcoin mixing service to their customers to mix their coins and attain anonymity in the process. Due to their immediate process transactions, you don’t need to worry about timely delivery of the coin. Through their bitcoin mixing service, you’ll be able to get your privacy back and block the praying eyes from the online transactions.

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28 Aug 2018

By Dorin Lacusta
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