Bitcoin Blender – Periodically Mix Your Bitcoins and Achieve Anonymity

A huge part of Bitcoin’s appeal is the level of transparency that it offers and the perceived anonymity it provides. However, Bitcoin’s transparency requires transactions to be publicly stored in the Bitcoin Blockchain, which contributes to its traceability. While users do achieve a level of anonymity by using pseudonymous wallets and addresses, their activities remain traceable as these addresses are tainted by the transactions and activities that they’ve been used for. Because the Bitcoin Blockchain is public domain, anyone can see all transactions and balances of any address, making them easy targets for scrutiny and analysis. Users also typically have to reveal their identity in order to receive the goods and/or services they are paying for, which is why Bitcoin addresses can never be completely anonymous, unless an individual uses a Bitcoin blender.

A Bitcoin blender like Ghost Mixer is a service that helps Bitcoin users achieve a greater level of anonymity when using cryptocurrencies. These services accept coins and jumble them along with different transactions, resulting in brand new sets of coins whose origins are virtually untraceable. Bitcoin blending has been one of the most efficient means of privacy protection where Bitcoins are concerned. Other ways that people keep their identities and transactions private when trading Bitcoins include using a TOR browser when connecting to the Bitcoin network, using a logless VPN (which does not store activity and transaction history on their servicers), and creating a new address for every new Bitcoin transaction. By far, many users find bitcoin blending a simple yet effective way of keeping their anonymity.

Many Bitcoin users also employ a combination of these techniques in order to make their Bitcoin transactions more anonymous and difficult to trace. Using a Bitcoin blender offers a wide range of benefits like increasing protection against possible blockchain analysis, avoiding exorbitant fees for keeping transactions private, and ensuring fast turnaround for transactions. Blockchain analysis is quite a powerful tool that cyber criminals and governments use to track individuals down. Through it, anyone can be able to track down your entire Bitcoin transaction history and gather a great deal of information about you, where your Bitcoin funds are coming from, who you are trading with, and just how much funds you have. This is how hackers find wealthy targets they can exploit. With the help of a Bitcoin blender, you avoid becoming the target of blockchain analysis and the implications it brings.

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Ghost Mixer aims to provide bitcoin mixing service to their customers to mix their coins and attain anonymity in the process. Due to their immediate process transactions, you don’t need to worry about timely delivery of the coin. Through their bitcoin mixing service, you’ll be able to get your privacy back and block the praying eyes from the online transactions.


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28 Aug 2018

By Dorin Lacusta
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