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Top-notch Benefits of Big Data Analytics in Healthcare Industry

by Andrea Maria on

USM Business Systems provides Innovative Solutions that are driven by practical Insights and expertise in Java, Social, Open Source, Analytics, Cloud and Mobile technologies. USM is recognized as a Certified Minority Business Enterprise.... Read full article

Monkey see, monkey do…


Welcome to Peaceful Parenting... Read full article

The Issue of Trust

by Sanford Kulkin on

When a child is suddenly taken from his home, and from his family, and placed in a home against his will, there are bound to be issues of trust. Many children in foster care have never had an adult in their life that has not betrayed their trust; ... Read full article

Foster Parents and Birth Parents… Working Together As a Team

by Sanford Kulkin on

Okay, let me be honest with you. My wife is much better at this than I am; working with the birth parents of my children in foster care. You see, there are times when I am not as welcoming as she is. There are times when I am a little frustrated ... Read full article

Helping your Child in Foster Care Feel as if He Belongs

by Sanford Kulkin on

Looking at me with tears streaming down his face, my teen aged foster son was upset with his birth mother after a recent visitation. My wife and I were planning on taking him to Disney World over the holidays,... Read full article

Myth About Foster Care Adoption

by sanford Kulkin on

Adoption through foster care provides children and teens that have been separated from their parents or guardians - usually because of abuse or neglect - with a temporary home, adopting an older child. ... Read full article

Hermetic Glass-to-Metal Seals and Feedthroughs

by Complete Hermetics on

Complete Hermetics designs and manufactures custom prototypes for hermetic seals & feedthroughs. Complete Hermetics manufactures glass-to-metal seals and electrical feedthroughs as well as custom ceramic-to-metal feedthroughs.... Read full article