Benefits of Organic Dark Chocolates

Dark chocolate is the healthy outcome of cocoa, cocoa butter and sugar. Usually because of its bitter taste, sugar is another essential ingredient added to it to enhance taste. However, healthy dark chocolates come with less sugar and at least 70% cocoa content. When dark chocolate is organic, it comes with even better nutritional value.

Organic basically means that dark chocolate ingredients were grown naturally without pesticides and other chemicals. Of course, the decision to consume organic dark chocolate bars will dent your finances a bit thanks to such rare purity. But the fact that you are having it healthy takes care of every other concern.

What makes organic dark chocolate good for you?

High Antioxidant Effect

In this day and age we are bombarded with highly processed foods it’s literally impossible to keep to a healthy diet. Antioxidants protect body cells from deterioration when exposed to chemicals during metabolism. Dark chocolate comes with an excellent antioxidant known as flavanol which is found in cocoa. If you want a natural insurance for your heart and brain, go ahead and indulge in organic dark chocolate bars

Free from Pesticides and Chemicals

While pesticides and chemicals are commonly used by farmers, they pose a big challenge as far as human health is concerned. This is why organic chocolate bars

Most organic dark chocolate bars are sweetened naturally

Top quality organic chocolate bars are usually sweetened with natural sugars. Artificial sweeteners in mass produced chocolates are not the best option if you are keen on healthy diet. Artificial sweeteners will come loaded with such ingredients as fructose and corn syrup. 

Interest in good environmental and farming ethics

As far as the environment is concerned, shade grown cacao produces the highest quality dark chocolate. This means that, cacao plants are grown in deep rainforest, an environment considered natural for them. Here they grow well and organically without any human interference. Secondly cacao farming has been associated with slavery and exploitation and ethical farming seeks to eliminate this ill. A dark chocolate bar with organic and fair-trade certification is not only healthy for your body. It also gives you peace of mind that others were not exploited to have you indulge.

In conclusion

A lot goes into chocolate than mere flavours and ingredients. Think of a safe environment, happy farmers and preserved posterity. Whenever possible, go for organic chocolate that’s fair-trade certified.

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24 Aug 2018

By June
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