Anonymous Bitcoin Transfer – Discover the Keys for Paying through Bitcoins

In the mind of the general public, Bitcoin is an anonymous digital currency—much like an internet equivalent to hard cash. This, however, isn’t an entirely correct notion. Bitcoin is more like a pseudonymous digital currency rather than an anonymous one. With this misconception out of the way, it is easier to understand what bitcoin is all about. 

Any person who wants to take an interest in Bitcoin can download and install a piece of software to begin using it. Because Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer system that is decentralized, there is no need to register an account with one particular entity or company nor hand over any personal details, unless for instance, you choose to do as such with a particular web wallet provider. An address is created in relation to your online wallet and this address effectively becomes your identity in the network. This alone gives the Bitcoin users an enhanced level of privacy, as you can begin to use the network with some level of anonymity i.e. secured and anonymous bitcoin transfer, unlike any other digital payment system. 

However, it is also important to understand that there is another side to Bitcoin in which transaction histories are shared between participants in a network. Because transactions should be network-confirmed, anybody can access a public record of all “anonymous” transactions—this is exactly what a block chain is all about—a shared record of everything that happens within the network. 

This, however, can be remedied by many different privacy enhancing strategies, such as using disposable addresses. Typical users download a wallet software and create a couple of addresses to keep using for extended periods of time on the network. This may not be the best way to keep your privacy while using a wallet. The more that you use a particular address, the easier it will be for any other user or observer to build a profile of your activities and link these activities to your personal identity. If you view each Bitcoin address as a disposable invoice rather than a permanent location for every transaction that you make, you will enhance your financial privacy. And, the best way to keep your transaction anonymous and secure is to go for Bitcoin Mixing Services. This not only transfers your coins on time and on the address you want, but also in a complete secured way. You can also do this by creating a new address specifically for certain purposes, such as receiving payments or transferring money. 

Desktop wallets can create for you, any number of addresses without any problem. No matter how many addresses you create, all your old addresses can keep on receiving payments in case someone sends you an amount with an old address on file. 

About the Author:

Ghost Mixer aims to provide bitcoin mixing service to their customers to mix their coins and attain anonymity in the process. Due to their immediate process transactions, you don’t need to worry about timely delivery of the coin. Through their bitcoin mixing service, you’ll be able to get your privacy back and block the praying eyes from the online transactions.

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28 Aug 2018

By Dorin Lacusta
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