All you require to know about music mixing

The recent years have witnessed the music engineers becoming the rainmakers in the industry. The topmost sound mixers are many talks about named have many mixing tools named after the. They are sought after lot by the musicians in the music industry.  Before you start searching for a sound engineer, it is imperative to understand what music mixing is.

The process of combining multi-track recording onto a standard state to track belongs to the realm of music mixing. Music comes after a production timeline and recording is followed by mixing and process gets toed on by mastering.

Mixing has a great impact on the quality of your soundtrack. The effect of right music mixing is much more pronounced than that of using the appropriate a microphone, adding the extra vocal layer. It also overrides the impact of mastering.

The right kind of mixing lets the song pop out of the speakers through a clear and polished tone that complements the sound of the recorded elements in the song. Even a great performance would sound mushy and muddy if the mixing is mediocre. Moreover, there may be a lack in clarity and urgency of the sound that makes it appear like a live recording or a demo.

What mixing engineer does?

The right music mixing will make your song an ear candy. Your sound engineer or mixing engineer irresponsible for three main tasks:

  • Balancing levels of various recorded tracks for bringing out the important elements of every section. It makes the song feel cohesive rather than a collection of broken parts.
  • Enhancement of the social character through manipulation of various tracks using EQ and compression compressors.
  • Addition of creative effects like reverbs, delays, heavy vocal pitching, distortion, panning, delays and more for enhancing the sonic interest of the song.

Advantages of music mixing

The process of mixing compact a vocal performance or in other words, it makes the sound loud, airy, present and beautiful. The sound engineer can use his or her skills for making the beat of the piano like aggressive or make the piano feel more emotional. The complete song may be made to sound more pop or more indie.

You get a groovy song that has become groovier! It is all achieved through technical and active psycho-acoustic tricky. The alchemist sound engineer is like a song colourist. However, this work involves years of practice, practice and of course talent.

How to find the right music mixer?

Style: Music mixers who are familiar with and experienced in a particular genre help one to get nuances and the tone of that genre right. Every genre is characterised by its own type of mixing which is more like a related art of that genre.

Sound: Make sure that you listen to all the songs credited with the mixer. Well-mixed songs carry a sign of professionalism with good finishing. You have definitely got a winner if the mix moves you and has excellent sonic features.

Music mixing can do wonders if the song is good and the production has been thoughtful. Moreover, the performance and the recording quality also affect the final result.

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21 May 2018

By The Rattle Room
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