8 Creative Ways to Hang Prints and Wall Decorations in Your Home

Hang your wall decorations and photo prints as a pro interior decorator using our creative tips.

Hanging canvas picture prints and wall decorations in your home will undoubtedly give character and breathe to your space. We offer seven creative ideas, easy to reproduce in any interior, to particularly highlight your photo prints and wall decorations. Get an exceptional rendering inspired by our creative ideas, from collage to compositions with unexpected elements. Our wall decorations are accompanied by a secure hanging system to allow you to expose them easily.

1. Play with the ladder

Do not limit yourself to one format. Present wall decors of different forms to create a dynamic composition. Place the largest size in the center so you can use it as a base and compose all around with smaller prints over time.

2. Use accessories

In the case of wall decorations, it is better to use the planned hanging system while with enlargements, you are free to modulate the supports. Use pliers to hang photo prints on a wire and extend it along the wall of your choice.

3. Expose your enlargements and wall decorations like clothes in a wardrobe

It's not a question of integrating canvas photo prints into your wardrobe but instead of being creative by using amounts and strings. One possibility is to fix a rope through a room and hang your prints and wall decorations. Or use a number or a piece of floating wood as support.

4. Remember that "more is more."

As much as we love minimalist interiors, multiplying the prints seems to us more appropriate to present your special moments. In the idea of "more is more," create a mixed composition with different types of prints and wall decorations. For example, combine simple prints and collages to present more photos.

5. Do not follow the rules

By exploring the theme of wall hanging, you will find mainly practical tips for making a perfect hanging. Nothing, however, requires you to stick to the rules. Opt instead for a destructured canvas and compose from this base. Your interior will be much more alive.

6. Add frames

You can either use your frames or add one of the black or white frames for each wall canvas to bring out your images. If you prefer to do without structures, put washi tape, for example, around your photos for a DIY effect.

7. Overlay your pictures

Use a shelf to fix a first wall decoration and overlay others on top. It will add a neat touch, the most beautiful effect in a family home.

8. The bedroom

The bedroom must remain a haven of peace. Make sure your wall decor reflects this atmosphere of serenity. We strongly advise you to print pictures of your last vacation on canvas. Given the quality of this support, you can regularly place new prints so that the decor of your bedroom is still current.

Now that you're inspired, all you have to do is choose your wall decor. Have you ever made a remarkable mural?

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22 Jun 2018

By Manan Kumar
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