7 Essential Tips for Buying Tyres Online

Buying tyres online can save your time and money; however, you need to buy with prudence. This blog post will help you to buy tyres online for your cherished car. Buying tyres online have its own set of hardships, as thorough research is required before making your purchase. When you visit a reputed tyre shop in Sydney, they have the knowledge of tyres and precisely know which tyres will perfectly fit your vehicle. It is imperative to buy tyres having the right size depending on the vehicle you possess and the road conditions.

Here are the 7 essential tips for buying tyres online:

1. Know when to replace your vehicle’s tyres & how many tyres need replacement

The first and the most important thing is you must know when to replace/ change your vehicle’s tyres. After 5 years, the tyres deteriorate normally; however, it also depends on how you drive your vehicle on varied road conditions such as off-road, on-road etc. In addition, it is imperative to know how many tyres of your vehicle you want to change; for instance, just 1 or 2 or all of the tyres because all the tyres may not deteriorate concurrently. 

2. Know the fitting size of the tyres

It is vital to know the fitting size of the tyre that will perfectly suit your specific driving condition; for instance, all-weather tyres, summer tyres etc. Your vehicle’s user manual is the right place to look for the right size of tyres that your car needs and it is equally important to measure the correct size for the tyre.

For instance: 205/50R15

  • = 205 Millimetres - this is the nominal section width of the tyre.
  • = 50% - Described as the aspect ratio. This mark stands for the height of the tyre sidewall as the percentage of the nominal section width.
  • = R - For radial construction
  • = 15 Inches – this is the diameter of the tyre’s inner rim in inches.

3. Choosing the tyre brand

In case, you’re satisfied with the tyres that came with your car then it will be a simple task. However, if you’re not satisfied with tyre quality and/ or its performance, then you’ll have to look at the different tyre brands available and choose or take recommendations from the tyre dealer concerning which tyre will best suit your vehicle, which won’t slow down your car’s performance.

4. Compare tyre prices

Prior to purchasing tyres online, request and compare tyre price quotes from different reputed tyre dealers.

5. Reviews

Remember to read the reviews of the tyre you plan to purchase. This will provide you with a reasonable idea concerning the tyre brand, the quality of tyres and other positive, as well as, negative aspects of the tyres.

6. Fitting the new tyres

Fine, you have purchased tyres online! Now, you need to have them fitted into your vehicle at the best tyre service workshop in Sydney. Moreover, after fitting the tyres to your vehicle, they will also do the wheel balancing, but yes, they do charge for their service i.e. tyre fitting and balancing.

7. Tyre pressure & proper tyre maintenance

Once the brand new tyres have been fitted to your car, you should maintain your car at all times to make sure your car’s tyres provide excellent performance, exhaust at a slower phase and have a long life.

  • Your vehicle’s tyres must be appropriately inflated with the right tyre pressure.
  • Suppose, the pressure in the tyres is less, then the tyre’s rubber will deteriorate faster, as it will put more pressure of the vehicle on to the tyres, which will exhaust the tyres sooner.
  • At all times, your vehicle’s tyres must have the right tyre pressure, not too high or too less. If your vehicle’s tyre has more pressure, then there is a greater possibility of a tyre burst happening in hotter weather conditions.

Summing Up

If you know what tyres to buy including their size, brand etc., then buying online can save your time and money. Nonetheless, if you’re a novice or don’t possess the proper knowledge about tyres, then it is always better to get in touch with the reputed wheel and tyre dealers in Sydney for obtaining the right tyre, as well as, getting it fitted to your vehicle.

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26 Aug 2018

By Mick Kanj
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