5 Reasons Your Washing Machine Isn't Working

Laundry time is one of those situations most people avoid at all costs if they can. But with the right washing machine, this task doesn’t have to be such a chore—in fact, it can become rather enjoyable. A good washing machine will essentially do all the hard work and make your laundry time a bit easier. Is yours suddenly not working? Here are some common issues and how you can fix them:

Faulty power source

The washer not turning on is a common washing machine problem that has several possible solutions. The first thing you should check is the power source. See if the washer is plugged into the outlet. Then, look for any tripped circuit breaker on your electrical panel.

Clogged drainage

When you encounter a drainage problem, don't panic; the drain hose and pump may just be clogged by a small piece of clothing or residual gunk. Before you call for a technician, try checking the drain hose first.

Overheated motor

Heavy duty washers can also get tired after washing and spinning for hours. The reason why it's not turning on might be because of the overheated motor. Allow your washer to cool down first then try again.

Timer knob unaligned

Some models of washers only work when the timer knob is aligned exactly with the control panel inside the machine. If you the knob is unaligned, the washer won't turn on or run.

Too much detergent

It's tempting to add as much detergent to ensure that you are washing off the dirt from your garment. However, too much detergent can also be the cause of clogging. The excess suds of the detergent may prevent your washer from draining properly.

Some of the said washing machine issues only require quick fixes and troubleshooting. Others, on the other hand, may need the help of professional to diagnose the problem better do the appropriate repairs. In case your washing machine problems persist and seem beyond repair, consider buying a brand new one. If you want to save some cash, look for online stores that sell appliances and electronic products exclusively. They provide discounts if you purchase 2 of their products. Also, opt for shops that offer the lowest price guarantee or price match.

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13 Sep 2018

By Samstores
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