4 Grocery Shopping Tips for the Elderly

They sometimes buy products that are unhealthy for seniors as they may be unaware about them. Here are a few tips shared by West Hartford home care experts that may help seniors and family caregivers do healthy grocery shopping.

  1. Buy Lots of Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are very important for your loved one’s health as they are rich in many important vitamins and minerals. While doing grocery shopping, don’t forget to add as many as possible fruits and vegetables to your basket. Fresh fruits and vegetables can help seniors stave off many chronic conditions such as strokes, heart disease, and cognitive decline.

  1. Hold Back from High Fat Content Foods

Dairy products and meat are high in fats, yet family caregivers and seniors buy them. For purchasing healthy meat, consider buying portions that have less fats such as sirloin and tenderloin. Consider purchasing turkey and chicken as they are low in fats. Dairy products are also rich in fats. However, consider buying dairy products that are labeled as low-fat and contain other healthy nutrients. Family caregivers can also consider replacing meat with healthy seafood such as salmon and tuna as they provide many important nutrients and proteins and are very low in fats too.

  1. Buy Foods Rich in Fiber

Fiber is very important for better digestion and maintaining a healthy weight and cholesterol levels. Good sources of fiber include vegetables, beans, whole grains, cereals, and nuts Foods rich in fiber also help enhance blood circulation and prevent several cardiovascular diseases.

  1. Consider Getting Frozen and Canned Food

Although frozen and canned foods are considered unhealthy, there are many other reasons that make it healthy too. If your loved one lives alone, he or she might prefer eating pre-prepared junk food rather than cooking their own fresh food. In this case, frozen and canned fruits and vegetables are a much healthier option as compared to junk food such as chips and donuts. Frozen and canned foods contain almost the same nutrients as fresh foods. So consider adding frozen or canned foods to your grocery list, but try adding limited quantities so that they are only used when no other option is left.

Going grocery shopping alone can be a hectic and challenging task for your loved one. However, a Hartford in-home care provider can help your loved one with grocery shopping as well as help them in many other tasks such as meal preparation and cleaning.

Vitamins and minerals are collectively called nutrients.

Strictly! stop using then after comma when a sentence starts from IF.

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11 Sep 2018

By Kathy Corcoran
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